• Ryan

Build Muscle Like The Greats

Updated: Feb 15

I have talked a few times on the theory behind building muscle. The reps, sets, rest, progressive overload.

All of that is hypertrophy 101.

If you haven’t already seen my previous work, please check out the rest of my blog posts on this topic. I have one specifically called How To Build Muscle. So if this is of interest to you, I recommend checking it out.

Hypertrophy is the name given to muscle building training. It is a phase that everyone goes through at some point in their fitness program.

Regardless of your goal. If you are training for strength, endurance, maybe you’re a runner. There should be some form of hypertrophy worked into your routine at some point.

But what if that’s not enough for you?

This is probably aimed at guys that see the monsters of men on social media or on TV and go “Wow!”

Not that I was ever a body builder sort of guy. But I know when I started weight training and I would watch videos of guys that looked more like animals than men.

It’s not everyone’s cuppa tea but the muscle that body builders develop is ridiculous. How they eat and how they train is an art.

So what I’m going to cover is they ways that these monsters of men train to get their muscles that jacked.

This is hypertrophy up a gear.

Couple of disclaimers though first. This is all a bit over the top. You don’t have to go this hard on the paint to build muscle. This is a very high intensity way of doing things. Maybe most famous probably by legendary body builder, Dorian Yates.

If any of you have heard of Yates, you will know that he had one of the greatest physiques ever, especially his back. Though he had slightly different way of training compared to those that came before him and that high intensity weight training is commonly used today.

Another disclaimer, I’m not saying that if you do what I’m saying in terms of building muscle and you’ve the best diet ever, that you are going to look like Mr Universe. Those level of body builder have a lot of “help” from some “special sauce” to help them get that big.