• Ryan

How To Do A Kettle Bell Swing. Correct Technique

Updated: Jul 16

The kettle bell swing is a reasonably complex movement. A lot of clients struggle getting the technique nailed down on this at the start.

The best thing to do for complicated movements to strip it back and simplify it. Then nailing each step of the movement to a high standard.

This will certainly help with performance and help reduce risk of injury.

To swing the kettle bell, first you have to pick it up. You pick it up very similar to how you’d perform a deadlift. In fact, there are a lot of deadlift similarities to the swing. Tight core, hip hinge with a flat back, braced shoulders and then up.

If you don’t start well, chances are you’re not gonna finish perform the exercise well. Starting with a rounded back, knees shooting forward and bad shoulder position are not a good start to an exercise.

So let’s go through correct set up and correctly performing the exercise.

Set Up

As I just mentioned, the start is very like a deadlift, in fact a lot of this is like a deadlift. So I’ll not go on too much about that as I’ve already done a full deadlift break down. If you haven’t seen it check out

Feet straight, shoulder width stance, create hip torque, tight core and brace the shoulders.

Hip hinge keeping the shins straight. If you’re knees go forward a bit it’s not the end of the world, it’s a sign that you need to work on hamstring flexibility and engagement.

Like I said, this part if very deadlift like so not going to spend too much time on it. Just keep all your deadlift checks in mind while picking it up. It’ll also serve you well for your swing technique.

The Swing

Now the main part, the swing itself. So to actually start the swing, drive your knees out, hinge forward and stick your butt out.

It’s very important however that when you stick your butt out that you do this by reaching back with your hamstrings. Although in my experience with clients, not a lot of people know what you mean when you say that. Saying stick your butt out or reach back with your butt makes more sense.