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Many people have asked for this data and I hope you will find the below information useful. The data below was collected from my personal database of all the tickets I have purchased. This information will show you that the majority of tickets that have been given out at events have been allocated to players from first world countries, predominantly the UK. There have been cases of people from third world countries who have not been offered tickets for a match, when they have been guaranteed tickets for every match. For example I have received tickets from Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, Brazil, South Korea, Poland, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, China and many other places. However, there are a large number of first world countries that are not listed below because the issue of racism is also related to the availability of tickets for matches, not just the allocation of tickets to a specific team. I am giving this data now because of the build up of racism that has occurred over the past few years, where some third world countries have been systematically denied the chance to compete at international level, despite the fact they have potential. It’s not just the allocation of tickets. I was told by the tour organisation I am on in that some players have been denied tickets for their first match because they are from a third world country. If you are interested in seeing the numbers of international tickets allocated, please go to The data was collected from my database of over 1,500 international matches that I have attended, including over 2,000 tickets. However, if there is anything that you do not agree with or wish to dispute, please email me. First World Countries (over 66%) 1. United Kingdom (44.4%) 2. United States of America (10.9%) 3. Australia (9.4%) 4. Canada (9.4%) 5. Ireland (7.8%) 6. Italy (7.8%) 7. Germany (6.7%) 8. Spain (5.4%) 9. Brazil (4.3%) 10. France (4.1%) 11. Netherlands (3.7%) 12. New Zealand (3.6%) 13.



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Tolerance Data 20092 Activation Code

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