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8 Week Body Weight Only Program

8 Week Body Weight Only Program

8 week program using only your body weight. No weights or gym equipment needed. Now you will need some things such as a chair(s) and there's one exercise that requires a bit of extra resistance but the likes of tins of food or water bottles will work fine. If you have light weights to use then that's alright.

There are some pieces of equipment that you may need, but they are all easily accessible and cheap to buy. I’ll use pulls as an example again. You can buy an easy to fit pull up bar for your house for pretty cheap and they’re a great thing to have. Alternatively, you can train in the park as there’s no equipment needed. So you can use the facilities there. I also mention using sliders in the program. Again, they are a very cheap and useful tool and worth getting. Although your socks on a wooden or tiled floor might be slidey enough. If not, a tea towel on a wooden or tiled floor works great so you don’t have buy sliders if you don’t want to. There are some exercises that you might have to get a bit creative with to do at home. Likes of inverted rows for example. Two way to do this at home is a mop and brush handle across two chair. Or lie under a dinning table and pull yourself up using that. Like I said, you need to get a bit creative when using no equipment.


As you can imagine, writing a 8 week program were you train 5 days a week is difficult to use only your body weight the whole time. This aimed at people who don't have access to a gym and don't have weights at home. If that sounds like you, then this program is a must. 


You get 8 weeks of programming and there's 5 training days in each week. This program covers everything. This program will help you build muscle, loss body fat, improve cardio, improve muscular endurance and improve speed and power. At from home or in the park. 


So if you want to get stronger, fitter and leaner all from your home or local park, then this is the program for you

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