Building Strength, Power and Speed

If you’ve followed what I have talked about before, you will be well set up to work on building power and speed.

It is very important that you have a good base before starting this phase. This is reasonably high level training. You can’t do fast dynamic movements if you have a poor base to work off.

In the past I have talked about learning basic body movements and understanding how the body moves and making sure you can move well. Taking your work outs up a level using progressive overload. Honing in on specific skills relevant to your sport or a particular area of fitness you want to work on.

I’ve even gone through recovery for make sure your body is firing at all cylinders for your next work out.

Now obviously you don’t have to follow exactly what I say. However, having those boxes ticked that you are competent in exercise movements, have built strength and muscle mass using progressive overload techniques and it ties in with a specific skill you train for is important to have when it comes to training for speed and power.

This is a very athletic way of training. Now you don’t need to be a world class athlete to train this way, but this is not aimed at beginners. However, if you are new to this way of training, then this is for you.

See the reason for having a base level of strength, is that strength, power and speed are all very closely related.

Allow me to explain:

- Strength is how much force you can generate

- Speed is how fast someone or something can move

- Power is a combination of the two

So you can’t be powerful if you can move fast. If are naturally quite strong or have developed a decent amount of strength, then you need to work on getting fast.

To improve power then we need to understand the rate of force development or ROFD.

This is something that is very under looked in the nearly every person’s gym routine.

This is basically the ability to generate the most amount of force in the shortest amount of time.

The faster your ROFD, the quicker and more explosive you or your movements will be.