How To Get Started With Mobility And Stretching

Updated: Aug 11

I have spent the last couple of years learning lots about improving flexibility and mobility. I have noticed a big difference in how my body moves and have helped several clients overcome issues that they had been struggling with for years.

I can’t recommend spending some time and fixing these underlying issues that we all have that are causing us pain or effecting out performance.

I was talking to a mate about all this recently and they agreed with me. But then they asked a simple question that I hadn’t really thought about.

“Where do I start?”

Though I have written several blogs now on this topic, I haven’t actually gone into where to start, which is what I will go through now.

Fix What Needs Fixed

Sounds simple really. But it’s exactly what you need to do. There’s no point in spending time working on something that could do with being a bit better, when there is something that needs fixed right away.

So the first thing that you are going to need to do is assess yourself or have someone who knows what they are doing to assess you.

So what are you looking for?


How do your shoulders sit, Does your head sit forward? Is there a curl in your lower back? Are you hunched over? Do your feet turn out? Do your knees fall in?

These are all the things that you are to look for to see what needs reset.

Say you have rounded shoulders for example, this is a good example cause a lot of people have this problem.

You’re going to want to look at improving thoracic extension, open up the chest and front of the shoulders, and strengthen the external rotators and upper back muscles in general.

Now that is quite generic and used simply as an example to show what to look for and what needs to be done to fix it.