• Ryan

5 Exercise That You Need To Be Doing

Updated: Jul 1

There are a lot of different training methods and ideas out there. Some ground breaking and revolutionary, others, not to much. But one thing that gets over looked a lot now in the fitness industry, is that training doesn't have to be fancy or complicated, is just needs to work. There is nothing wrong with doing whats tried and trusted.

There's a reason that they have been the top methods for so long. In my opinion, there are 5 exercises that I feel should be in nearly everyone's program.

Obviously do the reps and sets that meet your needs depend on what your goals are but these exercises NEED to be in your arsenal. To some more experienced people some of these may seem obvious. But these are so important for beginners and if you're not a beginner and you're not doing these, then you need to start.

  1. Deadlift

For me, this is the number one exercises. If you want to build muscle, get stronger, train your whole body, strengthen your posterior chain (the entire back side of your body and more, then this is the exercise for you.

Deadlifting you work your legs (hamstring mainly), glutes, core and back (a lot of emphasis on lower back but you're using your middle and upper back bracing and at the top when you

lock out). The deadlift is also typically your strongest lift. This is the exercise where you lift the most weight which is what makes it such a a good strength builder as well as great for building muscle.

The great thing about it using some many body parts, is how challenging it. If you have any weaknesses, they're gonna get exposed. It also helps your movement as it is known as a hinging exercise.

This is where you keep you back completely straight and bend at the hips. This is a fundamental movement for life not just the gym.

There are different ways to deadlift too. Traditionally done with a barbell, though it can do done with dumbbells, kettle bells and a hex bar too.

Different variations will train the body slightly differently. For example, Deadlifting with a hex bar is typically kinder on you back than a barbell.

However, it has shown in studies that you get better hamstring activation with a barbell. I would suggest you do whatever one feels most comfortable for you.

2. Squats

A close second to the deadlift. Simply in my opinion because it doesn't target as much upper body. Though a strong upper body is still needed for a strong squat.

However this is the king of lower body exercises. You can't even think of training you lower body without thinking of squats. Targeting almost every muscle in your legs and hips, you core is incredibly