• Ryan

5 Kettle Bell Exercise To Add To Your Routine

I previously wrote about 10 kettle bell exercises for a fitter and stronger body and it seemed to go down quite well. (Thank you for that by the way.)

So I thought I’d look at more kettle bell based stuff seen as that seems to be of interest.

If you haven’t already read my previous post, please check it out

My previous post was more about essential exercises that you should doing such as swings, cleans etc.

If you want a fit and strong body, it is essential that those sort of compound exercises are in your routine.

But the beauty of kettle bells is that there’s so much you can do with them.

So what I aim to do this time, is to give you not exactly essential exercises but more interesting and fun (loosely fun) exercises that you can add in to spice up your kettle bell workout. And going to try and keep it to kettle bell exclusive exercises or at least it's done best with a kettle bell. Exercises like rows and presses can be done on anything so I'm trying to more creative with my exercise selection.

1) Windmills

Now yes I did have this in the previous list. However, it’s not a very common exercise. It’s not exactly advanced but it’s something you see the casual kettle bell user doing.

People tend to do exercises on kettle bells that they do on dumbbells too. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But that’s why I’ve added windmills to the list as it’s an amazing exercise that will spice up your kettle bell routine.

This is a great exercise for strengthening your shoulders and improving your core strength. Similar benefits to the get up. But this is done standing.

Press the kettle bell overhead. Then step out slightly with the leg on the opposite side to the kettle bell. So if you have the kettle bell in your right hand, step out with your left leg.

While keeping your shoulder stable and arm straight, lean down towards your left leg. I like to put my hand on my leg and run my hand down my leg as much as I can.

Then once you’ve gone as low as you comfortably can, stand up straight.