• Ryan

Fat. Understanding Fat For Health and Weight Loss

We NEED fat in our diets. Fat gets so much hate whenever people talk about nutrition and weight loss. Yes most people want to lose body fat. But fat is still an important part of your diet.

Your body needs fat to help with vitamin absorption, to help with hormone regulation and it actually helps with proper brain function.

Fat Sources

There are many different sources of fat. There are also different types of fat. So the fat that you get from meat is a different fat to the fat that you’d get from avocado.

Most popular sources of fat are:

· Meat

· Fatty fish

· Nuts

· Peanut butter

· Oils

Same as protein and carbs, it’s best to get your fat from as many different sources as you can.

Fat Storage

Fat is stored as adipose tissue. Around 300-400g of fat is stored in muscles. This is called intramuscular fat. This is fat stored in skeletal muscle and involuntary muscles.

The majority of fat is stored around the organs and beneath skin. The amount that is stored in different places is down to your genetics.

I person that weighs 70kg stores around 10-15kg of fat in their body.

Fat Distribution

People who store fat around their stomach have a higher risk of suffering from heart disease. There is very little you can do to change the way the your body distributes fat.

The same way that you can’t just pick where you lose fat from, you can’t pick or control how and where you’re body stores fat.

Basic shape is very similar to both parents. Males will take more after their dads and females will take more after their mother.

Your hormones also play a factor in how your body distributes fat. Female hormones will typically favour fat storage around hips and thighs. Males will typically hold fat around the mid section.