• Ryan

The Need To Build More Muscle For Strength

But do you need to build more muscle?

Well the answer to this can be broken and explained better.

Absolute Strength

This is a maximum force that you produce under involuntary stimulation.

The reason for the word involuntary is because you don’t do the work.

This is typically carried out in a lab or sports science set up. This is measured by using electronic stimulation of the nerves that make the muscles contract as hard as they possibly can.

Now I’ve never had this done to me, but I have seen studies where it is done on athletes and yes it looks unpleasant as it sounds. So I’m going to guess that it feels rather unpleasant too.

Competitive Strength

This is basically the voluntary version were the greatest amount of force and power the muscles can voluntarily contract.

As this is voluntary during a competition, it isn’t as powerful as the electronic stimulation. This is essentially the max amount of force you can produce by getting pumped and psyched up.

The difference between the two strength measurements is known as the strength deficit.

What this means is that if there is only a small difference between the numbers, it means you’re using your muscle mass optimally and that your muscles are working to their neurological potential. Simply, all the muscle fibres are fining correctly.

So say for example you’re a decent sized guy who’s been lifting a while. Say you weigh around 80/85kg and you’re deadlifting 230kg. That’s a good power to weight ratio. But it probably means that you have maxed you muscles neurological potential.

Like small engine car hitting 90/100mph. The revs are through the roof and the small engine is working overtime. It’s maxed out. To go faster, you’d need to upgrade to a bigger engine.