• Ryan

Top 3 Calorie Deficit Methods For Weight Loss

It’s hard to think of weight loss without thinking about calories. I’m sure you all know someone obsessing over the amount of calories in a certain food and no doubt you’ve been lectured about the amount of calories in something you’re eating by a hardcore calorie counter.

But the truth is, if you want to get a grip on your weight, whether it’s weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance, understanding calories is very important.

To master this, you need to understand what they are and how they affect our body and what they do.

Now I know nobody really enjoys counting calories and most see it as a necessary evil. But I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing your calorie demands and knowing what you are putting in your body. If it’s just guess work, then you’re not gonna get anywhere.

How Calories Are Used

Understanding this is key to anything related to weight management.

There is 3 calorie terms used.

1) Calorie Surplus – eating more calories than you burn.

2) Calorie Deficit – burning more calories than you consume.

3) Calorie Balance – you consume the same amount as you burn.

Those of you who have gained weight have been in a calorie surplus. So to lose that weight you need to go into a calorie deficit. It’s that simple!

This is proven by many university studies to be the fundamentals to fat loss. Losing fat is simply manipulating the fuel that we put in our bodies.

Calorie Deficit

As we’ve established before, if you burn more than you eat you will lose fat. But just because it’s easy in theory doesn’t mean that it’s easy to master. Though hopefully after all of this and some hard work and discipline, mastering this concept will be easy and will serve for the rest of your life.

So know that you are aware of what a calorie deficit is, we can now look at ways to apply it to our diet and what deficit and what deficit method works best for you to get the results you want.

There will be 3 approaches to a calorie deficit that we will look at. I have used each of these methods with and they are proven to work. Follow the steps and stick at it and you will see results.

1) Picking a deficit number

This is definitely the most common method. Pick a calorie deficit number and stick to it. The size of the deficit determines the amount of weight that you lose. So you are trying to find the sweet spot of a big enough deficit to lose weight but not too big that you are depleting yourself.

The bigger the deficit the more weight you lose but in theory is more difficult due to having a bigger deficit.