• Ryan

Fitness and Fat Loss

Over my last lot of blogs I have covered aspects of nutrition such as what macronutrients and micronutrients are and how to get them in your diet and helping with weight loss.

I’ve also gone over the training side of things like how to increase your fitness and strength.

And if you haven’t checked these out you can you can read all of them on

But what about putting it all together?

Food and fitness working together.

So what training should you do to lose weight?

Easy. Any of them.

When fat loss is your goal, your training is there for one thing. To help put you into a calorie deficit. This means that the exact training that you do doesn’t really matter as you are not working towards any fitness specific goals.

So whether you run all the time or you spend your days in the weights room, both are doing to help put you in a calorie deficit to help you lose fat.

People can get hung up on what training to do. Lots of people think that High Intensity Interval Training is the way to go. Yes it’s very intense and will help with your fitness but in theory all you’re doing is burning calories. And any form of exercise if going to burn calories.

So don’t feel like you need to going to every HIIT class on and leaving in a puddle of sweat just to lose fat.

The key to training for fat loss, and every fitness goal, is consistency.

This is why it’s good to get a good mix of everything at not get fixated on only doing one training method.

Yes in theory one method is all you need because, like I said, your work outs should be to help get you into a deficit.

But it’s good for well rounded health and fitness to change things up and modify your work outs whenever you see fit.