• Ryan

Fixing Back Pain

Updated: Jan 11

All injuries suck. But back pain is one of the worst. And typically once you struggle with back pain, it tends to be a long lasting injury.

Now there are many reasons that your back can hurt. Muscles can be tight, bulging discs etc.

Just want to clarify that I’m not a doctor or physio so if you have serious back issues, get medical professional help.

However, if you are just an average person whose back gives them issues, there is something you can do.

I’m going to generalise back injuries as a whole. I’m not looking at any specific back issue. This will vary from person to person. What works for someone might not work for you.

I have had many clients over the years with back issues, thankfully nothing too serious, but I have managed to help all of them in some way. Whether it’s knowing how to avoid aggravating their back and when it is bad what to do.

So if lower back pain or tightness is something that you struggle with from time to time some of these suggestions will hopefully help ease the issue.

Like I said, this is very general. Not going at a particular injury. This is the sort of things that when a client says that they are having back issues, these are the things that I suggest. Hopefully they help you too.


The first thing that people do when their back tightens is to stretch it. Usually not correctly and it usually isn’t the answer.

Firstly, I’ve seen a lot of people when their back tights they drop down and stretch. Good idea. But what I’ve seen a lot is people doing a cobra stretch.

This is where you’re in a press up like position and push your chest up and hips stay on the ground.

This is a great stretch... for your front. Not your back.

You are stretching you abs. And if the front is stretched, then the back must be shorter. Which means you are compressing your back instead of stretching it.

So if you are going to stretch you back, make sure you actually stretch your back!

Good stretches for this are:

Childs pose Lie on your back and hug your knees to your chest. Lie on your back pull your knee across to the other side of your body

There are many more but these are good for taking the pressure off when it gets tight.