• Ryan

Flexibility and Mobility To Feel Better and Mover Better

Updated: Jul 1

Mobility is something that I’ve really gotten into over the last few years. Far from an expert, but I’ve learnt so much about getting the body moving the way it’s supposed to.

It’s definitely something that all of us need to work on. Even if you feel fine and move ok. There’s no doubt some under lying issues somewhere.

Maybe you lack range of motion in a joint or struggle with rotation. I knew I wasn’t very flexible or anything but it wasn’t until I went down this rabbit hole that I found out how bad it was.

For example, I have bad internal hip rotation. I didn’t even know I had hip internal rotation! The muscles are super tight and super weak. Internal hip rotation is actually very important for squatting.

So if you struggle with hip IR, when that is going to impact squat depth, strength and could lead you compensate somewhere else in your body which could lead to injury.

If you’re anything like me, there where alarm bells going off in my head the more I read things like this. There are so many things like internal and external rotation that have such a knock on effect to things like your posture, how you move and how you exercise.

Also as a life long martial artist, my lack of flexibility always annoyed me. How can you go to kickboxing for years and still not be flexible. Also for the sport of kickboxing, this means not being able to kick high and it also meant I struggled to do certain kicks because my muscles where so tight.

So after years of struggling with this, I have decided to make this my main goal for the next couple of months.

No weight training and no real cardio training. I’ll do padwork once a week but that’s it.

So why do this?

Well, it’s not exactly fun to do. This is my first week of doing it and it’s just not the same as lifting heavy weight or hitting pads or the bag.

But as I touched on earlier, doing all of this should improve, well, everything. Here’s some of the things that improving how my body moves will help me

- Squat better. Deeper and stronger with more ease

- Be able to perform more complex lifts such as front squatting and Olympic lifts that require a lot of strength but a lot of mobility too

- Kick and knee better. Better flexibility and better hip rotation

- Less injuries. The muscles, ligaments and tendons will be stronger and more mobile

- Less aches and pains. Get rid of muscle imbalances and lot of load certain parts of my body

- Move better in day to day life.

All sounds pretty good. Maybe not a lot of fun. But the thought of being able to go for a run and knowing I’m not gonna hurt because I’m not putting much stress on parts of my body due to tight muscles pulling thing