• Ryan

How To Build Muscle

Probably the most common goal especially for males, is to build muscle. Every gym across the world is filled with young guys making their beginner gains and established lifters trying to keep getting bigger and stronger.

Obviously there are plenty of women wanting to build muscle too. I get plenty of female clients that want to get rid of fatty areas and have some muscle show instead.

But how do you build muscle? How do you make more muscle?

Firstly, there is no one way. There are multiple different approaches and thoughts to it. Certainly people get better results using one method more than others. Theirs is also the personal preference of what each individual enjoys training.

Regardless of the approach, there are 3 principles on how to get more muscle.

These are:

1. Tension

2. Stress

3. Damage

Each as their own advantages and their own approaches. However, sticking to just one isn’t worth anywhere near as much as using all three by either doing a mix in a single workout, or cycling the programs over a course of weeks or months.

Lets expand a bit on the three principles.


This is typically created when you generate force to move or lift heavy weights/objects.

This is more of a powerlifter and strong man approach. A very “just lift heavy” attitude.

This is typically trained using 80-90% of you 1 rep max.

This means that you’d train 3-8 sets with 3-6 reps. And long rest period of 2-5 minutes between sets.


This is created when you maintain tension in the muscles by that quick reverse of direction just shy of the lock out. Basically that “get a pump” style of training.

This is much more of a bodybuilding approach to building muscle.