• Ryan

Your Immune System and Over Training

Your immune system is what keeps us fit and healthy and fights off germs and disease.

There are a lot of things that impact our immune system such as our diet but our training also has a big impact on it.

Everybody knows, well everybody should know, that a healthy diet and eating fruit and veg to get your vitamins and minerals help keep your body healthy.

But training and exercising impacts your immune system too. But it ca effect it in a good way and a bad way.

Regular light exercise is great for your immune system but Going too hard and over training is awful for your immune system.

Whatever your gym goals are, building muscle, losing weight, is a hell of a lot easier when you’re body is working optimally and healthy and firing at all cylinders.

The relationship between exercise and the immune system is relatively new compared to other aspect of health and fitness.

At some point in time any athlete or anyone is exercises either a lot or very intensely, will be get sick. This is usually coming up to an event due to how hard they push themselves. I know in the fight game, a lot of fighters get sick in their fight camp because they do crazy intense training several times a day almost every day which weakens their immune system.

In an attempt to get bigger, faster, fitter and stronger, the body simply gets exhausted from going so hard for so long. The body is left broken and beaten and is easy pickings for whatever germs and disease attack your body.

There was hypothesis that suggested that exercise intensity and the risk of getting upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). This is very common in athletes and people who over train and cause immunodepression.

It was found that moderate exercise can improve your immune system function compared to being sedentary and doing nothing. However, high intensity exercise crashes the immune system so the body’s ability to fight off viral and bacterial diseases is much lower which means you drag your butt to the gym weak and run down due to over training.

This means that doing a bit light cardio and low intensity resistance training makes you feel good and healthy.

So yes you do need to train hard if you want to build strength or build muscle or get fitter and faster but going to hard and not taking enough time to recover will make you feel run down and hinder your training.

So what can you do for your immune system?

Thankfully there are lots that you can do to keep your immune system ready to take on whatever germs and disease you