• Ryan

6 Ways To Improve Your Home Workouts

Updated: Jan 11

Not too sure about the rest of the world but I know the UK at the moment is in full lockdown and gyms are closed. It’s incredibly frustrating. Training plans go out the window. When the key to success is consistency and these are such inconsistent time, it’s hard to get the results you want.

So many people like me have had to resort to training at home or outside in a park or something like that.

This isn’t just for those of us who are locked down. There are many people who train at home but don’t have a home gym. They have some adjustable weight and maybe a couple of kettle bells and maybe a resistance band or two.

When you don’t have much equipment or as much weight as you would normally have to work with, how can you make your home work outs challenging enough?

I know for me this can be a challenge. The heaviest weight I own is a 20kg kettle bell. Which is plenty heavy for a lot of exercises, but no where near heavy enough to replace what I’d normally lift for certain exercises.

For example, I would normally squat 60/65kg for reps (I know that’s far from impressive but that’s not the point). The point is, I don’t have a squat rack at home or 60kg of weight to squat with.

So how do I challenge myself with these home work outs?

Most of these are pretty straight forward to be honest. So I will list and then explain a few methods.

1. Reps

2. Sets

3. Rest

4. Change of goals

5. Alternative exercises and Adapting exercises

6. Time under tension


Pretty simple but yeah. Do more reps. This is useful for building endurance and for building muscle. Simply because neither of these training methods require much weight.

Yes if you want to build muscle, you don’t need massive amounts of weight. You’re building muscle, not strength.

Now obviously how much reps you should do is all relevant to the weight you have to work with etc. Again using myself as an example. If I’m doing an exercise like single arm rows, I would normally

use a 25kf dumb