• Ryan

Level Up. How to Increase Strength, Build Muscle and Lose Weight.

In my last post I talked about work capacity and how you can improve it and the importance of having good work capacity.

As I said before, at the start it’s very easy to improve your capacity. Same way it is to improve anything in fitness at the start.

And again, just like everything else, as you progress it gets harder and harder to get to the next level and keep getting fitter and building muscle and strength.

So what do you do when you are highly trained and have a high work capacity?

Because you’ve been improving your work capacity, you are already well adapted. The same routine that got you were you are won’t get you to the next level sadly.

You need to kick it up a gear and put your body through a higher level of stress and stimuli for it to adapt.

So how do we go about doing this?

As i talked about in my last blog, if you’re a beginner it’s easy. Just do something. If you’ve never lifted weight, lifting light weights is progress and it’s easy to progress. Same with running, if you’ve never run the length of yourself, doing anything will be progress.

You’re body will improve since you only need the smallest training progression and activation reaction to adapt.

So once you’re far past that and highly trained, there will be factors that will affect your progress. Such as your genetic makeup and how different training has different results for each individual person. This means there is no one size fits all plan to follow exactly.

The right training program will vary from person to person.

But there are still a few things that will be involved in levelling up regardless on the exact training plan you follow to suit you.

Some of things you can do are:

1) Decrease intensity and increase training volume over a few months

2) Decrease volume for heavy main lifts and increase the volume on accessory exercise.

3) Add or up cardio training