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The SECRET To Building Muscle, Strength and Losing Weight.

OK, yes I understand that is a very click bait title. But it’s not a lie.

Well… not a complete lie anyway.

It seems to be the common thing in health and fitness to look for secrets or catches or hidden methods, or techniques.

But what I’m to cover today is the secret to getting any health and fitness results you want.

And it’s nothing special, nothing fancy, you can all do it. It 100% applies to everyone.

So without further ado I will let you the secret/secrets to achieving any fitness goal you desire.

The big secret is… THERE IS NO F#/KING SECRET!

I can’t stress that enough.

There's nothing fancy or special out there that will help you. The reason that someone lost loads of weight isn't down to a secret diet. The reason that someone built a lot of muscle isn't down to a secret training method.


Not going to lie, this will probably be a bit of a rant. But if you want to achieve your goals, this is certainly worth reading.

There are a couple of “secrets” though to help achieve any goal. Now these aren’t secrets that are hidden away. They are in plain sight and everyone can do them.

Firstly, stop looking for secrets or cheats and just do it.

It’s literally that simple.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. Get a plan on how you are going to achieve that goal, and the go and execute it.

Let me give you an example. I’ve a client who is kind of a friend. They wanted to start training with me to lose fat but also try and build a bit of muscle. No problem at all. Happy to help.

So we get training and I explain the diet plan to them. Personally I think 2 great ways to lose weight is a calorie deficit or intermittent fasting. Both have pros and cons. But we both thought that by tracking calories we can see what the client is eating and track their Macro’s to make sure they are getting enough protein and there’s balance in there diet.

So I calculate their calories, explain the deficit so they roughly how much to expect to lose each week and gave them a rough guideline of what their macro’s such be like and we can change and adjust anything if or when needed.

Then after a week or 2 I ask how everything is going with the diet and they say to me that a friend of theirs went to a dietitian (by the way this is NOT an official title) and they got results so they want to book in with them to get their diet sorted.

Even though I gave them everything they need to lose weight!

Which I explained it quite harsh terms to be honest.

But this is a common thing at people look for these “experts” or going looking a special answer.

They had the answer! I gave it to them! Follow the nutritional plan I gave you and exercise regularly and they’ll get the results they want!

But they didn’t want to put in the work. They wanted a cheat. They wanted someone to come along and give them a miracle plan that will fix everything.

News Flash! That doesn’t exist! You’ve gotta put the work in!

Which bring me onto the next “secret” for getting results.


If I could bottle discipline and sell it I’d be a millionaire. Cause everyone could do with being more disciplined.

Put this ties in with what I previously said. Work out a plan on how you’re going to get your goals and execute it.

It’s discipline that will make you stick to it.

Yes training when you don’t want to sucks. Yes stick to a diet and a calorie deficit sucks.

But guess what? It’s stick to the plan that is what is going to get you results.

Say you want to build muscle. You see a guy in the gym with the sort of body you want. So you say to yourself, ‘I’m gonna look like that.’

Brilliant. You’ve set yourself a goal. You’ve got a work out plan or help from a trainer on how you’re going to get there.

But you have to physically do it!

When you’re at home sitting watching TV thinking, ‘I don’t want to go to the gym. I’m tired. I can’t be bothered.’

Do you think the guy who has the body that you want it sitting thinking that?

Maybe he is. But he’s getting up and going anyway because the program says he’s training today. So no matter what, he’s going to the gym and putting the work it.

Diet is a big part of that. Maybe you can’t be bothered making a healthy meal or meal prepping. You’re just gonna order a takeaway instead.

Do you think the guy who has the body you’re dreaming of is doing that?

Again, he could well be. These thoughts are normal to have. But were the discipline comes in, is when you push those lazy thoughts aside and do the right thing to help you get results.

Those are the real secrets to getting results. That’s how you achieve your goals.

I’ll even give you another example using myself. Although I’ve done martial arts most of my life, I’ve always been so inflexible. Now I never stretched as much as I should and years of not training properly doing weight training didn’t help.

But I’ve set myself a challenge to do the front splits. So I follow my own advice. I look into best stretches for the front splits and use my own knowledge of how to improve flexibility and come up with a plan that I follow nearly everyday to get the splits.

Again. There’s no special secret system. There’s no hidden stretch that few people know about. It’s simple. Come up with a plan and then stick to the plan.

Simple. Certainly not easy. No one said any of this would be easy. But it’s all straight forward.

I’m going into week 3 of this and have stuck to the plan as I laid out and am seeing results. Certainly not there yet but I can see I’m on there right tracks.

Do you know how I’m going to get the splits? Discipline. I’m going to stick to the plan. Progress it as I need. And stick with until I get the results.

The plan was never to get it overnight or even in a week. I thought I could get it in a month if I was very lucky.

So this mind set can applied to anything. Literally anything.

But PLEASE stop searching for special methods or secrets. Yes by all means look into it and see what you need to do and the best way to go about achieving your goals. But once you’ve got that, stick to and trust the process.

If you want to get strong. There’s no secret lifting technique, there’s no special diet, there’s no hidden plan. The only way to get strong is put the work in. Get a strength program and get your butt in the gym lifting heavy and make sure you’re diet is correct for your goals and you’re on top of your recovery.

If you do that then you will get strong.

Apologies if this is a bit of a rant. But I hope this inspired you to be honest. There’s no replacement for hard work, commitment and discipline. If you struggle with this, that’s ok. I have plenty of clients over the years come to me so I plan everything out for them and make them accountable. Once they get this, they get results in a few months when the tried for years before.

So please stop searching for short cuts or special methods. No matter what your goals are, there’s plenty of information out there. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, there’s so much information out there. Get a plan and stick to it and I promise you will get results.

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