What Is LSD Training?

Probably shouldn’t need to say this but, LSD training is not working out while on psychedelic drugs. Just want to clear that up before going any further.

Last time I covered what is HIIT (if you haven’t seen it already go check it out).

So I thought I’d look at the other form of cardio which is LSD training.

So What LSD?

LSD stands for long slow distance exercise. This is the stereo typically type of training most people associate with cardio.

As the name suggests, LSD involves relatively long distance training at a slow and steady pace.

Basically, when someone says they’re going for a run, they’re doing LSD training.

How long and how hard should you go?

Well it’s in the name that this is going to be a long sustained exercise that is done at a reasonably low intensity.

LSD involves, running for example, at a steady pace. Essentially, you should be about able to maintain a conversation during exercise.

You would be looking to stay below 70% of maximum heart.

LSD workouts tend to be between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

If you’re a new to training, you should start with 30 minutes at a slow pace. Then as you adapt and become fitter, increase the length of your workout and/or speed.

Why do LSD?

After talking last time about HIIT, why do LSD?

This slower steady state cardio improves your ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. It typically uses fat for energy to fuel your training too.

It also makes your body more economic at burning energy so that you can exercise for longer before tiring.

LSD is great for improving basic aerobic fitness and muscular endurance. Basically the goal of this type of training is to do whatever exercise it is you are doing, whether it’s running, cycling, swimming or anything else, for a long period time.