• Ryan

Priorities Of Food For Weight Loss

Updated: Sep 30

When it comes to looking at food, for whatever diet it is that you follow, whether it’s gaining weight or losing weight. There is a kinda hierarchy of aspects that you need to consider. Or even things that you should prioritise.

This will mainly be focusing on weight loss as when you’re trying to gain weight if you are trying to bulk up, you can kinda get away with eating almost anything. So these aspects should be your focus if you’re trying to lose weight.

So the first aspects that I’m gonna cover are the most important aspects and the ones that will make the biggest difference. As I go, the later parts will contribute to fat loss but only once you got the first parts down.


A lot “hardcore” fitness addicts will have the approach that food is fuel and only fuel. But the reason we eat the food that we eat is because we like it. You’re not gonna eat something you don’t like. I’m sure there are a few people out there who eat things they don’t like because it’s good for them or great fuel.

Chefs will look at food and want to make it taste great. Nutritionists will look at food and see it as a source of fuel and nutrition.

Truth is, you need both.

You need to get the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and macros to be fit and healthy.

But the most successful eating strategy is how much you enjoy it which will help you stick to a meal plan.

No point in having a great meal plan on paper if you can’t stick to it.


It is our natural instinct as humans to eat food for fuel to survive. Thankfully today getting food for fuel is incredibly easy and convenient. The issue is that it is too easy, which is why there is a problem with obesity.

This is why we need to understand our fuel. Understand a calorie deficit, calorie surplus and balancing calories. Once you get the hang of managing your fuel/calories you will be able to manage your weight better.